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What started in 2013 as a fun adventure with friends who shared a love of punk rock music and alternative culture has grown into a highly anticipated annual event drawing Tulsans of all ages, as well as visitors from across the state. and beyond.

The 2021 Tulsa Punk Rock Flea Market is the place to be if you’re looking for a selection of records, CDs, cassettes, and maybe spandex or stiletto heels to complete your wardrobe.

Co-founders of TPRFM Tony and Michelle cozzaglio are no strangers to transforming their passion and creativity into a unique and growing company. The duo Tulsa is behind Boulevard Trash, a downtown boutique and record company specializing in new and used clothing, records and accessories. They also hosted the National Oddities and Curiosities Exhibition, an annual collaborative vendor and artist tour focusing on “the weird, the unusual, the unique, the dark and the bizarre.”

TPRFM is another extension of this couple’s love and support for DIY culture and music, and it has grown from around 20 to almost 70 vendors over the years, according to Michelle Cozzaglio. It began to celebrate “all the subcultures of punk,” but has grown to include a variety of subcultures. Music, however, remains at the heart of the experience.

The bands will perform during the day, with performances from The Shame, The Stiffies and The Penny Mob – check Facebook for full lineup – and there will be an over 21 after-party that night.

Merch includes alternative clothing like group shirts and skirts, Cozzaglio explains. “We also have an array of artists ranging from dark art to art more related to music,” which includes local creators like Calamity Jessie Creations, Mickel Yantz, and Elizabeth Burton Designs, as well as foreign artists.

Bands will start earlier in the day around noon, Cozzaglio says, because Tulsa has a big, younger scene. “There just aren’t a lot of shows for all ages, which is why we really like to incorporate live music during the event – so these kids can have a place to go and see some music. “

The Cozzaglio projects exemplify the punk rock philosophy of DIY, direct action and individualism.

“My goal is that I don’t want to work for someone else. I want to work doing something I love, ”she says. “Between the Punk Rock Market and the Oddities and Curiosities Expo, and our punk festival, we work for ourselves, doing what we love.

For more information visit facebook.com/tulsapunkrock flea market.

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