How to compare personal credits?

personal credit

If you want to make money for one or more projects as you wish, the best solution is a personal loan. Granted by a financial institution, the personal credit will allow you to obtain the sum you need, without any justification for its use.

In order to find the most suitable personal loan for your needs, comparing personal loans is the best solution. To do so, Charles offers this free conso credit simulation for a quick Charles Ryderment to meet this need. You just have to fill out a form on your financial needs and your income.

Remember to calculate your debt ratio to know your borrowing capacity, even before applying for a personal loan.

The information to be informed

More information will be requested when comparing personal loan:

  • The purpose of the personal loan: holidays, marriage, other …;
  • The total amount desired;
  • The desired duration or monthly payments;
  • The availability of the sum: immediately or in another period;
  • Personal information: family situation, income, profession, address …;
  • Possible other loans.

Remember to inform this information so that the offers and the study of your file thereafter, are the most accurate and complete possible, especially if you want to get a personal loan with the immediate response!

The conditions for obtaining a personal loan

personal loan

Once the comparison is made, you can choose the most interesting offer according to your needs. You will then be put in touch with a credit agency to finalize your request. The bank will then ensure that your repayment capacity is sufficient to give you the consumer credit.

A loan agreement will be presented to you and will have to hold some information:

  • The total amount of the personal loan;
  • Number and amount of monthly payments;
  • The duration of the personal loan;
  • The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) and the nominal rate;
  • Conditions in case of early repayment;
  • Insurance, possibly, if you subscribe to it in the same establishment.

The advantages of the personal loan

personal loan

Personal credit has the advantage of letting you use the amount borrowed as you see fit. In this sense, more projects at the same time, or even keep a sum of money in case of a hard blow if you wish.

Especially since the personal loan is often fixed rate for the duration of the loan, even if it is higher in general. You will not be surprised by any increase in monthly payments during the loan, which will allow you to be ready each month to ensure your repayment obligation.