The decision about choosing a loan company must be carefully considered. So before you take a loan at LloydCredit learn about the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing in this company. See when it’s worth taking a loan at LloydCredit, and when it’s better to go to the competition. Listen to the reviews of LloydCredit clients. Perhaps they will allow you to dispel all doubts.

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It is definitely worth coming to LloydCredit when we take a loan for the first time. PLN 1,500 for new clients is quite a large amount. We’ll get more only in with their payday loans online. The rest of the competition for new clients allows you to borrow only a few hundred zlotys. In this respect, the LloydCredit offer is therefore very attractive.

LloydCredit seems to perfectly understand the financial problems of clients and as a small loan company allows spreading loan repayment into installments. The payment can be spread even for two years! This is an excellent option for those who will not be able to pay their debts for 30 days.

In addition, even if the customer still has slippage in repayment of his financial liability, LloydCredit will treat it very gently. The total cost of calls for payment will increase the amount to be repaid only by PLN 55. Competitive companies are much stricter in this respect and they charge up to several hundred zlotys for the reminder letters!

Advantages and disadvantages of loans at LloydCredit

Help us to complete this list! We collect opinions about LloydCredit and on their basis, we supplement the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing in this company. Describe your experience with LloydCredit in the comments below. All customer reviews and stories are read and taken into account by us.

Advantages of a loan at LloydCredit

  • first loan for free
  • the high amount of the first loan (PLN 1500)
  • the possibility of repayment in installments
  • low costs of reminders
  • a large number of bank accounts (reduces the waiting time for a loan)
  • the high amount of subsequent loans (up to PLN 5,000)
  • Customer Service Office open seven days a week
  • the loan can be returned before the due date
  • the possibility of extending the loan repayment period by 7.14 or 30 days
  • loyalty program for regular customers

Loan defects at LloydCredit

  • information on the costs of the extension is provided only with the decision to grant the loan
  • loan for free available to Credit clients
  • a required permanent source of income
  • the lender checks the history of clients in the debtors’ databases
  • a negative credit history prevents you from taking a loan

Opinions about LloydCredit …

… which is what her clients say about the company

We try not to intervene in the content of your comments. We are aware that the opinion of real LloydCredit clients is very important for anyone who is considering a short time in this company. We are counting on your exuberance and honesty. Tell me what you think, what experiences you have and give good advice to others.